Together into a digital future


      • Cross border

      • Cross generation

      • Organized as cooperative


Shaping the digital transformation AND a sustainable agricultural economy for the future. We understand the AND as an imperative and seek to implement it regionally with cooperation partners.

We are an European cooperative founded in 2015, which in recent years has become the first platform cooperative centered on agricultural and forestry enterprises. EQA Platform Cooperative’s services are focused on bringing more sustainability and efficiency to agriculture. The complex requirements of society and market partners are taken into account in relation to the change in branches and operating modes. In this context, our customized service offerings support future-oriented qualification, personal and system certification, and digital transformation in the industry. In doing so, we ensure web-based communication and improved dialog:

    • between farms and their market partners in different value chains
    • between farms and their public and private service providers, and
    • between practice and science

Guiding Principle

Acting in accordance to cooperative values such as solidarity, responsibility, transparency, and down-to-earthness. People are at the center of everything we do.

Our cooperative values and principles: Self-determination, self-governance, personal responsibility, and voluntary commitment on the part of the Board of Management, Supervisory Board, and committees guide our actions. Our decision-making processes are founded on the principles of transparency, active involvement, and participation in value creation. In our dealings with each other and as a corporate culture, the independence of the platform cooperative centered on SMEs and the data sovereignty of our members and customers in all digital communication processes are important to us.

We are guided by four of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) published by the UN in 2015:

We relate health and well-being to those working in the agri and food industry, consumers and the farm animals that provide us with animal food.

High-quality education includes our life-long learning concept for those working in the agricultural and food industry with the combination of Q-Guide and Q-CERT wallet system for in-study and in-service education and training.

We make the value of labor on farms visible. In doing so, we increase appreciation and value creation from data in supply chains to the consumer.

We show how, in new public-private partnership structures, services of general interest, crisis management in the event of natural disasters and pandemics, and the achievement of regional climate goals can be implemented with voluntary commitment and the active involvement of networks and individuals from the agricultural sector.


Ensure data sovereignty and value creation from data and know-how from the practical field for agricultural and forestry businesses.

In the coming years, the EQA members and committees see the foundation of their European Cooperative Society in voluntary commitment combined with joint business action in six future fields:


    • Providing innovative solutions for the dual transformation

    • Enabling value creation from data for agricultural businesses

    • Using neutrality and independence as a trust advantage

    • Expand cloud and blockchain infrastructure

    • Promoting new sustainable network structures regionally and across borders

    • Creating IT marketplaces for new online services in a cooperative network


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